This gizmo needs SVG support. I suggest Firefox.


Why does this look different from what this book/Solvieg says?
These seals are made automatically by a computer program I wrote in like 30 minutes (plus 45 more to convert between different kanji variants). It doesn't handle all the things you might do on a real seal, like draw characters to make optimal use of space. It also stretches characters in various ways that makes the lines have different thicknesses. Finally, seals are basically signatures: each one's different, and there are a lot of handwriting variations in exactly what angle the lines are, how long they are, et cetera. This is meant to be a helpful starting point, not a complete solution.
Why is my seal missing characters or showing things that don't look like they're in seal script?
We don't have seal-script versions for every character. If you have a seal script version of a character we're missing, let us know. (Alternately, your browser may be too old or have lousy SVG support. Recent versions of Firefox are known to work.)
It says I'm using too many kanji.
Yeah, nag me and I'll figure out the dimension parameters for more than four kanji.
Why is part of my seal sorta brownish/reddish?
When we don't find an exact match for your kanji, we look through a database of 'kanji equivalents': things like simplified or traditional variants on your kanji that we might have seal forms for. The more conversions we need to make to find a seal version of your kanji, the redder that part of your seal is. Use your own judgement as to whether a reddish seal component looks correct. If you find one you think is wrong, let me know.
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